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Catering to a Healthier Planet™ The Legend of Our Beloved Mascots, C.A. Smoothie™ (& Son) C.A. Smoothie earned his fame surfing the fabled Malibu Pier. One day, a freak wave took a left turn, along with “CA” riding its crest – traveling sideways north up the California coastline. In ‘pea soup’ California fog, he glanced off the rocks near Big Sur, flying with such force that he went airborne – landing on the ski slopes of Tahoe. The landing (not unlike this legend) was so unbelievably smooth, local snowboarders were impressed, that is, until our hero hit a snow making machine – catapulting him back into orbit and his now infamous, not so smooth dunking in San Francisco Bay. While recuperating, “CA” could only take nourishment through a straw – so began his love of and passion for yogurt smoothies. Suffering from amnesia, he was nicknamed “C.A. Smoothie” after his wild surfboard ride up the coast of California, and his smooth landing on one of its most famous ski slopes. In thanks and appreciation for regaining his health, “CA” is working to make our planet healthier with CA Smoothies™ while the younger generation, C.A. Smoothie, Jr.™ looks after the health and parties of kids. More about two of the smoothest dudes ever, later… Trademark & Intellectual Property Notifications ©2008 California Smoothies, LLC. All Rights Reserved. CA Smoothies, California Smoothies, CASmoothies.com, C.A. Smoothie, C.A. Smoothie, Jr. and Catering to a Healthier Planet are trademarks of California Smoothies, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Warning: content may not be reproduced nor used in part or in whole in any way without the express, written permission of California Smoothies, LLC.