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Catering to a Healthier Planet™Mission CA Smoothies™ supports healthy lifestyles in two, meaningful ways: first, by utilizing only the freshest, most wholesome fruits, live yogurt cultures and other ingredients in our own, signature brand smoothies. Secondly, we encourage our customers and others to engage in a range of daily activities to improve and maintain their own health & well being. Philanthropy In addition to supporting healthy, active lifestyles, CA Smoothies™ is all about supporting other worthy initiatives, as well. Portions of ALL our earnings go to support a range of charitable causes, including sustainable/ green initiatives – that’s right! So, when you, your friends & fellow athletes, family and co-workers drink CA Smoothies to your own health, you also ‘drink to the health’ of others. Wherever CA Smoothies products are catered or sold, portions of proceeds go to support the work of local or regional chapters of worthy initiatives in surrounding communities and/or metropolitan areas. Additionally, when catering events benefiting cause related 501 (C) (3) not for profit organizations, we work on a case by case basis to donate portions of our fees to the cause at hand. Trademark & Intellectual Property Notifications ©2008 California Smoothies, LLC. All Rights Reserved. CA Smoothies, California Smoothies, CASmoothies.com, C.A. Smoothie, C.A. Smoothie, Jr. and Catering to a Healthier Planet are trademarks of California Smoothies, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Warning: content may not be reproduced nor used in part or in whole in any way without the express, written permission of California Smoothies, LLC.